Snow Globe uses structure function to create redisplaying snow. Snow Globe

Task: Create a 2D still image in a window size of 500×500 and implement at least two of the below functions from OpenGL.


Inspiration: In this task, I wasn’t sure what to create at first so I asked myself who would I want to present this to the

most once it’s done. A little three-year-old girl once said,  ‘Annie, I want a snow globe that snows all the time, can you make it for me?’ I smiled back, clueless. My little host sister, Becca, used to call me ‘Annie’, for she couldn’t pronounce the letter ‘m’ accurately yet. I was just an ordinary 15-year-old foreign exchange student, who had no means to end up as an Engineer.  Who would have thought a one-year-memory could last for a lifetime. Becca and I used to watch animated films together before she went to bed. I was reminded of how happy and secure I was watching those beautiful Disney princesses drawing her attention on screen. My first OpenGL assignment was meant to be a secret Christmas present for Becca two years ago. I believe that the best gift for any occasion will only be meaningful if it is made from the heart. The smile on her cheeks already reciprocated my endeavor for this coding assignment.  

In the process of coding this snow globe, I imagined the first Christmas snow in my life and I was grateful to have spent it with Becca.

My code: GitHub 

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