SELFTripr is a travel app that helps foreigners navigate Thailand based on real facts we collected from local people's recommendation. Most of the existing recommendation systems are either in Thai or paid review. Thus, unreliable and pose as a liability to the country's image. We want to create something vivid and truly local. 

We really put emphasis on the interactive map and UX/UI design to provide more leverage to tourists that are unfamiliar with Thailand in terms of cultural differences, tourism scams, alternative routes, and cost estimation for making each trip.

In this project my friends and I discovered that many of our foreign friends fail to experience the local Thainess culture, even though they flew all the way across the globe to explore the local experience. Thus, many were quite disappointed after the return to their home countries and have the impression of tourist scams, un-sanitized street food, and fixed price taxi ride. 

It was only until we showed some of our friends the real local experience that debunked the myth about Thailand in their perceptions. 

The iOS version is expected to be launch by the end of this year.

This project started out as a part-time project that my friends and I created for our foreign friends. From a small side project that I took as an opportunity to understand HCI in a deeper level and countless feedback loops, our little idea turned into a substantial product and we really hope to launch the web API by early next year.