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I am a traveller:

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. For me, the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. I cherish every moment in life on a journey. Being able to see cultural differences and have a glimpse of exotic food or learning new languages and exploring different landmarks are more than an adventure. Every trip is a lesson and every lesson makes you more mature.

Once a year, usually around my birthday, I will make an escape plan to explore the world outside of Thailand. Some people believe that certain habits like eating Japanese noodle all the way or some biases based on a group of stereotypes are undesirable in the society. For others, these habits are considered prosocial behavior.

Exposing yourself to different cultural aspects provides you more choices of lifestyle for you to choose from. So wherever you go, go with all your heart and live like you mean it.


Performance Mode: Hip Hop and Reggae

I accepted my friends’ challenge and joined the American Cheer and Dance Club to debunk the myth that engineers can’t dance. Since the challenge, hip hop and reggae dancing have become one of my favorite pastimes. During every third week after our first day of class, we would schedule a meeting to practice our routines and perform at various college events. I even went as far as competing in national dance competitions.


Environmentalist Mode: 

In 2011, I was selected to be a Bayer Young Environmental Envoy by Bayer AG, a position that arose from my part-time SolarCal programming project. I even went as far as representing Thailand’s environmental problems and some mitigated solutions at Bayer Headquarter in Germany. To be completely honest, at the time, I was not the biggest supporter of the environment, especially when compared to my peers. On my first day at the environmental camp, I felt as if I was the only person on the team who was in stage one of cancer, while everyone else were in their final stage fighting really hard for our planet. However, through my experience from the camp, I eventually became a big proponent of the environmental cause. I learned that Newton was right, velocity equals distance over time. The longer we suffocate our environment, the faster aftermath will affect our planet. I also learned that we can all contribute by making slight shifts in our habits. For example, we can reduce methane emission into the atmosphere by reducing the amount of leftover food we have from our meals. We can turn off the light in rooms when we’re not in them. We can reduce heating by one or two degrees and wear a sweater. We can power off our computer instead of leaving it on sleep mode all night long. We can purchase used goods instead of buying new ones. We can consume less tangible products, and still support the world’s economy, by shifting our spending on physical goods to services such as taking a class, getting massages, or learning a new language.

Every year since that camp, I will participate in environmental activities such as planting trees in mangrove areas in Thailand, participating in save the shark campaign, and promoting marine conservation at Koh Tao.


Geek Mode:

On my happy days, I usually browse around in order to learn new coding languages online. Programming used to be my arch enemy during my freshmen year, because nothing make sense to me at all.

In reality, everyone can code, but if you judge a fish by its ability to fly, it will live its whole life believing its stupid [Albert Einstein].

Once you learn to embrace the challenge and keep practicing the craft, any hard problems can become guilelessly easy afterwards. Thanks to my Russian instructor, who inspired me to keep coding, I was able to discover the joy of  coding and the catharsis of pushing my limit every time a programming project was assigned.


Food Enthusiast: 

“There is no sincere love than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw

Food is not just about the flavor, aroma, or appearance. For me, food is a form of art that brings you good friends and family. If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him or her, the people who give you their food give you their heart.


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