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Keep it Simple and Stupid.........

My name is Amy with a very long last name, which is usually hard to pronounce. Although this is not my inceptive idea, I am a fuzzy Computer Engineer. I have always had a passion for arts and design as well as journalistic writing. My father once said that I have the power, but only once I know how to use it will I truly possess it. I was dubious and hopeless, not knowing what he truly meant. I forged myself to live my entire life believing that I was following his dreams. In actuality, it is my dream, but I was just oblivious to. I've discovered that knowing how to code makes you god. Even if you are not a gifted illustrator, as long as you know how to code, any imagination is possible. This blog is a personal archive of what I have achieved in the techy world so far.

Last Day @Stanford

"Three weeks ago I was still whining about how dinning hall foods taste unpleasant, how the campus is so isolated that it felt as if I was placed in the middle of nowhere, and how much I miss Thai food full of herbs and spices. But at this moment, I hope that time stops and even if I have to wake up to see all those dinning hall foods tomorrow I will cherish every bite of it."

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