Working as a UX researcher at the School of Global Studies, Thammasat University gives me an opportunity to explore class interaction and useful features of a Learning Management System (LMS). Thammasat University is using the school as a case study for deploying a new LMS to the institution. 

Canvas by instructure is the system that will be deployed during the first semester of 2016 and I am in charge of conduction a study on this project. 

Technical Lead

My main role at GSSE is a Technical Lead. My working hours are very flexible as long as we get the job done. Most tasks that needs my execution are technical related transactions based heavily on online user experience such as designing instructor's portal interface and front end coding, conducting UX research, and statistics modelling with R programming for students financial aids. 


During a recruitment period, a number of students from different countries will apply for need-based financial aid. The limited amount of financial aid the institution can provide each semester requires a careful selection for faculty members. With different GDP from different countries, identifying the right amount a student need can vary from one to another. With the data we received from our student's financial evaluation, I created an analytical engine that standardizes this need based on each country's background with R programming. The plotting from this engine is aimed to help faculty member make easier decision based on data provided by students from different countries.  

In this project I learned R programming in order to map indicators such as GDP, PP, and family liquidity with the appropriate need for applicants. The three modelling functions calculated based on the input information were used as conducive analytics for the program director to grant need-based scholarship for applicants in each cohort.  The prototype I created is still an active part of the program until today.