FUOasis project, For U Oasis, is established based on the instability of our university’s registration tool (OASIS system).

This project is also a prototype for  Stanford-Thai Exchange Program.

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The concept of FUOasis project is to create a user-friendly interface that parses all contents beneath the real OASIS system and promotes functional usage based on the student end-users’ needs.


Problem with the OASIS system:


– Only support IE platform

– Server time is not universal, problem with submitting query

– 4 digits verification code is proven useless


-unstable bandwidth query outside of Bangkok

– submitted course on the registration is faulty, when submitted outside of Bangkok

– Server time is 5 minutes faster than unix time, faulty registration occurs

what our end users need:

1. Time table generator

2. Connection with facebook API to view classmate

3. Sync with calendar

4. verification code unattached

5. automatic logout timestamp


What FUOasis offers is a secure filter that works with every platform and suits what end users really need, where as providing a user friendly interface.


In this project my main duty is to

1.) Extract texts from the OASIS system content and parse it to the FUOasis system’s interface and extract input logs back to the OASIS system.

2.) All parsing scheme from linking course calendar to generating the verification code during parsing.

Sample code for parsing scheme (php):

$html = file_get_html('../../../../tmp/5180490/25090.dump');

foreach($html->find('td[align=center] td[align=center]') as $element) 
$tmp .= $element->plaintext;

$search = array('@','Field','Salay','Study','at','Faculty','of','Engineering','6273,','General Scheduled Classes', 'Mon', 'Date','Room','Actions','Mon','Tue','Wed','Thu','Fri','-','(dd/mm/yyyy)-Time','(dd/mm/yyyy)','Time','SCHEDULE',' ','(',')');
$tmp = str_replace($search,' ',$tmp);

In the parsing algorithm:

1.) Extract the element field from the OASIS main page.

2.) Store the wanted keyword in the array.

3.) Replace all excess symbols with a blank space.